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Our Story

Owner of Noble Savage Outdoors, David Church, is from small town Waterford in Northwestern Pennsylvania.  He started Noble Savage Outdoors YouTube channel in May of 2017 where he posts how-to videos for some of the clever ways he enjoys the outdoors.

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David has a way of constantly trying to make his passions more difficult for himself.  That may sound strange or even crazy, but he put it this way, "Can you remember the first time you shot a deer?  How your heart was pounding, your hands shaking, your voice cracking?  That feeling has begun to fade little by little the better I get at harvesting deer.  By continually challenging myself, I introduce some doubt of my success.  But after all the hard work, when (or if) I finally do succeed, that feeling comes back, and that's what keeps me coming back." 


Turns out there are a number of thrill seeking, adrenaline junkies out there who agree.  Who have come together as family of outdoor enthusiasts that continually push the envelope.  Whatever your outdoor passion is, you have a place in this family.

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