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Handmade Wooden Arrowhead/Broadhead Plaque for European Mount

Handmade Wooden Arrowhead/Broadhead Plaque for European Mount

This handmade wooden arrowhead plaque is inspired by the elegant shape of G5 Montec broadheads. It is constructed from 6 separate pieces of oak glued together carefully matching the grain to the broadhead shape.  Both the front and back of the blades are routered to a sharp 30° edge so every angle of view mimics a real razor-sharp broadhead.  A black walnut stain is used to match the natural antler color and contrast the white skull for a stunning presentation.  Lastly, it is preserved with multiple coats of a durable and long-lasting polyurethane finish.


Great for European or Texas style skull mounts.  Can be used for both buck and doe, whitetail, mule deer, blacktail, bighorn sheep, bear, pronghorn, hog, coyote, or any other animal with similar skull size.  The dimensions are approximately 21 inches tall by 12 inches wide.


*Skull is not included, this must be obtained through hard work and perseverance.


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